Sponsor A Map

Sponsor a Map!

SSSR uses many mediums to promote ourselves, our sport, our community, and our partners, such as: brochure/map distribution, info stations, banners, club packages, direct email, during special events and meetings, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – we share your posts and information with thousands of our fans and followers.

SSSR Sponsor a Map is a simple and effective way to be known on the re-introduced (2017) club map.  The newly redesigned club map is available to all trail users in print form and shows many points of interested (fuel, food, etc.).  This is a very inexpensive way to advertise your business and helps support the club!

Great value at $50 for business card size advertisement!

Send an email to sponsor1@sixstarsnowriders.ca for further details.  Space is limited.  Other map options available.