Welcome to Six Star Snow Riders Club

Incorporated in 1986, the club name Six Star Snow Riders (SSSR) refers to the geographic areas that comprise our membership namely the Village of MacTier, Kapikog Lake, Healey Lake, Moon River, Lake Joseph, Otter Lake, Blackstone Lake, and Crane Lake.

The SSSR trail system starts on Trans Ontario Provincial (TOP) C trail at the north side of the  Moon River and runs up to the north end at Lake Joseph Road (just south of Schmidt Lane).  The eastern trail C102D joins with the Muskoka Snowmobile Region (MSR) at Foot’s Bay, leading into Village of MacTier.

The SSSR trail system consists of over 125 kilometres of well-maintained, wide trails offering a variety of snowmobiling opportunities. The TOP trail system enables riders to travel through quickly, while excellent family-oriented trails also give snowmobilers the chance to take in great scenery at a slower pace.

There are many conveniently located restaurants and lodging on the trail.  The ever-popular Trail 9 brings you into MacTier for groceries, restaurants, post office, hardware store, lumber yard, convenience stores, school, library, and more!                                                   

Our valued volunteers work year round to ensure snowmobilers can enjoy our trail system.  Our season varies depending on weather conditions, but the trail system is generally made available from early January through to early March, and in some cases late March/early April.  Trail permits are required (pay to play) in order to use our trail system.