Founders and Builders

Six Star Snow Riders is a volunteer organization that recognizes the value of its founders, builders, and past-presidents.  

Without these dedicated individuals, the club would not be as vibrant as it is today.

Dwight Chown
Builders and Past Presidents
Scott Gibson (Crane Lake)
Jamie McGregor (MacTier)
Dave Green (Roberts Lake)
Damien Reilly (Crane Lake)
Mike Steele (Crane Lake)
Chris Holmes (Moon River)
Don Smith (Roberts Lake)
Peter Hintz (Healey Lake)
Peter Leach (MacTier)
Mike Roberts (MacTier)
Bob MacKay (MacTier)
Valerie Rivett (MacTier)
Larry Martin (MacTier)
Ron Renaud (Horseshoe Lake)
Louise Rivett (MacTier)
Steve Martin (MacTier)
Bruce Hatherley (Lake Joseph)
David Webster (Go Home Lake)
Charlie Smith (Healey Lake)
Al McMorran (MacTier)
Marylee Wallace (MacTier)
Clifford Watkinson (MacTier)*
Donald Kiley (MacTier)*
Durrell Leonard (MacTier)*
Ricky Leonard (MacTier)*
Ken Vankoughnet (Crane Lake)
John Davidson (Crane Lake)
* Incorporated SSSR in 1986
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