Club Principles

Vision Statement

Through our valued volunteers and landowners, we are committed to facilitate world-class snowmobile rider experience most admired for its trail performance and local partnerships that strengthen the community.

Mission Statement

Six Star Snow Riders Club is a volunteer led, non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of trail enthusiasts and volunteers, in the communities where we operate.  We recognize that through strong leadership, environmental stewardship and quality trail management, we can offer a responsible snowmobile riding experience for generations to come.  Six Star Snow Riders Club strives for continuous improvement in our trail system by linking new trails with existing trails and by promoting safe snowmobiling through education programs and training.

 Health, Safety, and the Environment

  • Be sure your snowmobile is in top notch mechanical condition at the beginning of the winter season, and throughout the months of use.

  • Familiarize yourself with the snowmobile you are driving by reading in detail the manual accompanying the snowmobile.

  • Wear sensible protective clothing designed for snowmobiling.

  • Use full size helmet, goggles, or visor, to prevent injuries from twigs, stones, ice chips and flying debris.

  • Avoid long scarves; they may get caught in moving parts of the snowmobile.

  • Know the terrain you are going to ride. If unfamiliar to you, ask someone who has travelled over it before.

  • Know the weather forecast and especially ice and snow conditions in the area.

  • Use the buddy system. Never ride off alone.

  • Do not pursue domestic or wild animals. If you see a violation of this rule, report it to the nearest law enforcement officer.

  • If you snowmobile at night , be sure you have a properly operating lighting system on the snowmobile

  • Drowning is one of the major causes of snowmobile fatalities. when not familiar with the thickness of ice, or water currents, avoid these areas.

  • For updates on trail status, it is recommended that prior to accessing a trail that snowmobilers visit the Interactive Trail Guide to confirm trail availability.  Other trails, paths, swamps, ponds, rivers, lakes, or access points (groomed or not, marked or not) are to be used at your own risk.  Trespassers will be prosecuted.


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