Bridge In - Nov 18, 2023
Let's get it done!
Please join us on Nov 18, 2023, to remove the bridge on Trail 26. See you at 10 am sharp!
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Please give generously to our Fundraiser! Direct or via GoFundMe.
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Volunteer Driven
Six Star Snow Riders Club is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of trail enthusiasts and volunteers, in the communities where we operate
2020 Club of the Year
OFSC District 10 Club of the Year
Six Star Snow Riders were chosen as OFSC District 10 Club of the Year for 2020, our third year in a row! Thanks to all clubs, executives, and governor for supporting and recognizing Six Star Snow Riders' contributions to our sport!
Established 1986
But we've been around forever
Through our valued volunteers and landowners, we are committed to facilitating world-class snowmobile rider experience most admired for its trail performance and local partnerships that strengthen the community
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The SSSR trail system consists of over 125 kilometres of well-maintained, wide trails offering a variety of snowmobiling opportunities.
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Six Star Snow Riders Club strives for continuous improvement in our trail system by linking new trails with existing trails and by promoting safe snowmobiling through education programs and training
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Snowmobiling: Winter at it's Finest!

Respect Landowners

Stay on marked trail. Use is a privilege not a right

Permit Price

"Value is what a rider believes the product or service is worth to them." Riders get great value for the price of a permit

Good for Our Community

Snowmobiling has an economic impact of over $1.7 billion annually for the benefit of winter tourism in Ontario, and is also a major contributor to the well-being and sustainability of many winter businesses and rural communities, like MacTier

Above Average

Recent statistics suggest that 80% of snowmobilers ride an average of 1500 km per year. SSSR permit buyers ride 2000 km per year on average. 100% of riders look forward to riding the SSSR trail system

Help Shape the Future

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people. Great opportunity for youth to achieve their "40 hours" of volunteering required to graduate

Explore Scenic Areas

Many great picturesque locations on the trail system including rivers and natural lookouts. Keep an eye out for owls, blue jays, turkeys, and deer

Out & Back Tours

MacTier has ample parking and a well appointed downtown. Many tour and loop options are available, including the Blackfly Voodoo Loop: 80 km of pure fun

Support your Club

Several events give riders something to do all season long. The Raffle and Ride event is a great way to meet other snowmobile enthusiasts and support the club

Explore Snowmobiling in MacTier, Ontario

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